The Independent Living Programme at SFT o ers an inclusive habitat for the persons with ID and their families. The programme is one of its kind where the young people are being trained in skills required to lead productive, meaningful and happy lives like adults. The core vision of Shaurya Foundation Trust is at variance with the conventional thought process associated with PWDs. It is driven by a strong belief in the intrinsic ability of every person with a disability and further strives to unleash their true potential. When this mindset is translated into action, we are oriented towards long-term solutions, investing in sustainable answers to the challenges, in an environment of inclusiveness of all involved.

Shaurya Foundation Trust is a home away from home that provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in functional academics, athletics, arts and service for persons with special needs. It was set up with an aim of setting up an army of intellectually challenged adults empowered with specializations, capable of helping themselves and their peers to lead a life of independence and self-esteem while gaining sustainable employment, engagement and respect in the community. It is a community of like-minded individuals who could put the skills of these PWDs to use and augment the areas that they were found deficient in. Holistic development of these individuals was the aim of the Shaurya Foundation Trust, enabling them to become employable, empowered, and independent human beings who would go on to become contributing members of the society that they are equally a part of.

The Independent Living Programme is designed as a three-year graduation programme, extendable to 5 years in special cases, that prepares the persons with disability to face life independently on three levels, namely, Mastering Myself, Mastering My Profession, and Mastering My Transition. In the first year the attention is on “Mastering Myself”, where the skill training is focused on Self Help Life Skills, Vocational, Emotional Management and Group Living Skills. In the second year the emphasis is on “Mastering My Profession”, where the focus shifts to Vocational Skills, Work Skills and Community Living. In the third year the concentration is on “Mastering My Transition”, where the focus is finally on Job Skills, Job Internships, Transition back home, and Independent Living.

Admissions are conducted every six months where the programme envisages reaching full capacity of 40 residents in 2 years. The minimum commitment of residents in the programme has been set at one year to ensure functional and meaningful outcomes. The Independent Living Programme (ILP) was envisioned to create a community where Life and vocational skills could be instilled in persons with disability before facilitating their transition to an inclusive life in their families and communities.

SFT works whole heartedly towards achieving these outcomes through a series of Trainings, Therapies, and Independent Living Programmes. The trainings conducted by SFT based on individual abilities and interest include :

Vocational Training

Physical therapy- PT/OT

Recreational Training

Sensory integration therapy

Personality Development

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Skills

Independent Living

Theatre and movement

Work readiness

Music Therapy and Art-based therapy

The components that make up the Independent Living Programme (ILP) include:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Therapeutic Interventions

Practical Life Skills

Vocational Skills

Self Management skills

Emotional Management and Community Living Skills

A typical day in the life of an internee would involve waking up and getting ready for class after a morning session of Yoga and breakfast. The classes include life skills and personality development, interpersonal skills (group activities), vocational training and sports class interspersed with small fruit and snack breaks, a lunch break, rest periods, culminating in evening activities that include leisure activities, evening sports activities, TV, dinner, followed by a walk before going to bed to recuperate in preparation for the next day. At SFT, every day is dedicated towards the defense of the rights and equal opportunities of people with special needs and recognizing them as a valuable resource in the workforce.